Is Dairy Really Harmful After Getting Dental Implants?

When it comes to dental implants, you may already have a lot of advice, mostly related to your meals and food choices. One common suggestion you might have heard is to not use dairy products after getting a dental implant. Does this statement have factual information, or is it just another dental myth? Let’s find out.

Dental Health and Dairy Consumption

Edibles like milk, cheese, and yogurt are considered the flag bearer of promoting health. They are indeed packed with calcium and vitamin D, crucial for strong teeth and bones. However, it is a common notion now to avoid using dairy items right after getting dental implants. Let’s separate facts from myths.

Increased Risk of Infection – Myth

The main reason why people advise to steer clear from dairy is the potential risk of an infection that may lead to dental implant failure. Some people believe that milk, in particular, leads to increased mucus production. However, it is important to clarify that dairy is not generally considered a restricted food after dental procedures.
While the belief of increased mucus production in association with dairy is widespread, the scientific claim remains inconclusive. Some may experience more mucus production, but that may be due to personal sensitivities, but this is certainly not a universal response.

Disruption of the Healing Process – Myth

Another theory behind the advice is that the components of dairy items, like lactose or casein, may interfere with your body’s natural healing processes. However, it is established that a well-balanced nutritional diet is crucial for apt post-procedure recovery.

What Can You Eat During Dental Implant Recovery?

Now that we have cleared the air around the myths surrounding dairy, it is crucial to focus on what you can easily eat to support your healing journey after dental implant surgery.
In the first 24 hours following D-day, expect your mouth and gums to be sensitive and, therefore, enjoy soft foods for maximum support. Here’s a list of items you can delve into without any guilt:

  1. Smoothies
    They are an excellent route to get your daily dose of vitamins and essential minerals. If you choose to make them yourself, it is possible to tailor the ingredients to your liking.
  2. Cold Soups
    Not hot, but cold soups are gentle on your mouth and packed with the power of fresh vegetables. They provide essential nutrients without causing discomfort during your recovery period.
  3. Egg
    It is a rich source of protein and easily made to your taste.
  4. Potatoes
    Love comes in all shapes and sizes, and so does potato! It is versatile in terms of preparation, so there is no chance of getting bored with your meals.
  5. Ground Meat
    Incorporating ground meat such as beef, chicken, or lamb into your diet is an effective way other than the use of eggs to meet your daily protein requirements.
  6. Oats
    Nutritionists cannot emphasize enough on the use of fiber and carbohydrates. They contribute to a well-rounded diet during your dental implant recovery.

    Closing Note

    All in all, the best way to speedy recovery is to opt for soft foods in the initial 24 hours and gradually move on to more choices as your mouth heals. Get in touch with professionals from Infuse Dental of Schererville to have your queries regarding dental implants answered. Call us at (219) 472-0042 to learn more about what we have in store for you.

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