How Long Is The Wait To Eat After Getting Fluoride Varnish?

Getting a fluoride flush every 6 months may seem meaningless and when you learn about eating restrictions, you definitely push it back. Do not do that! This treatment is an effective way to strengthen your teeth and protect them from decay. Moreover, the wait to eat after getting fluoride is not long at all. All you need to do is spare a mere 30 minutes!

How Long After Fluoride Flush Can You Eat?

You need to wait for no longer than 30 minutes to eat after your dentist coats your teeth with fluoride. This time is essential and non-negotiable since it gives the mineral (fluoride) enough time to set inside your teeth enamel and strengthen it from within.

Moreover, you can also ask your oral care provider to give you detailed aftercare instructions so that you can make the most out of this treatment and maximize the benefits.

What Are You Allowed To Eat After Fluoride?

There is no need to wait for long after getting fluoride on your teeth to eat. It is common for teeth to be slightly sensitive right after the treatment. This is the main reason why dentists recommend avoiding foods and drinks that are either too cold or hot. Other than that, they also do not advise taking in anything high in acidity.

Here is a detailed list of what you eat and avoid after getting a fluoride treatment:


  • Soft food items that do not require effort. The options include mashed potatoes, smoothies, bananas, yogurt, etc.
  • Vegetable soups
  • Meat or bone broths
  • Liquid foods
  • Mashed hard-boiled eggs


  • All types of citrus fruits, such as oranges, lemons, grapefruits, limes, etc.
  • Anything that is high in spice
  • Crunchy foods like potato chips
  • Hard textured foods
  • Frozen items
  • Extremely cold items like popsicles or ice cream
  • Sugar loaded drinks

Tips for Recovery Post-Fluoride Treatment

To make sure that your recovery post fluoride treatment is apt, follow these guidelines religiously. These instructions are meant to provide fluoride with enough time so that it effectively gets absorbed.

1.    Adequate Oral Hygiene Routine

After you get fluoride varnish, do not brush or floss your teeth for at least 6 hours post-treatment. Let it fully penetrate and strengthen the tooth enamel. Once you give it ample time, get on with your normal oral hygiene routine the next day.

2.    Eating and Drinking

It is advised not to eat anything for at least 30 minutes after the procedure. On the other hand, you can eat only soft foods for the first 2 hours after the treatment. These can include items like mashed potatoes, smoothies, yogurt, etc. Moreover, it is crucial to avoid hot beverages and alcohol for at least 6 hours. The heat and acidity hinder fluoride absorption.

3.    Use of Mouth Rinses

It is best to not use any mouth rinse for at least 6 hours after you are done with fluoride treatment. These rinses wash away the mineral before it has time to be absorbed.

Closing Note

In a nutshell, you must give fluoride an adequate time of about 30 minutes to fully get absorbed in your tooth enamel. If you have more questions, get in touch with Dr. Vijay Maheshwari, DDS at Infuse Dental. He is a postgraduate of Pacific Dental College and a reputed member of the ADA who can help you with all your dental worries. We are just a call away, dial (219) 472-0042 to connect with us and learn more about what we have in store for you

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