How Long Does Jaw Pain Last After Tooth Extraction?

Wisdom teeth removal is an everyday procedure at the dentists that numerous people undergo. One of the frequently asked questions that our experts encounter is regarding the recovery process, especially the duration of jaw pain after tooth extraction. Well, expect mild pain and discomfort in your jaw after tooth extraction, too, for not more than 7-10 days. However, if it increases beyond this timeline, the reason may be a dry socket, infection, etc. Let’s delve in deeper.

Recovery Timeline Post Tooth Extraction

The recovery period is approximately two weeks or 7- 10 days, with noticeable improvements occurring gradually. Dental surgeons take out stitches around the 7th day if everything else is working perfectly fine. Clotting initiates within 24 hours post-surgery, which lessens inflammation in the cheeks and mouth within 2-3 days. Meanwhile, jaw pain and stiffness after tooth extraction go down at the 7-10 days mark.

Tips To Promote Healthy Healing

For a healthy healing period, understanding the pivotal role of blood clotting is essential. Here are a few reasons why its establishment is vital for recovery post-extraction:

  1. Preventing Heavy Bleeding: The clot acts as a natural barrier that helps stop excessive bleeding.
  2. Promoting Tissue Growth: It facilitates the growth of new tissue in the healing area.
  3. Shield Against Infection: Since it functions as a barrier, the risk of infections goes low.

The Dos and Don’ts Post Tooth Extraction

Here are some of the facts to remember post-tooth removal:


  1. Bite On The Gauze: Dr. Vijay Maheshwari, a reputed member of the ADA at Infuse Dental, recommends biting on a gauze pad for 30 minutes or an ice pack on the outer surface in the initial hours post-surgery to alleviate pain, swelling, and bleeding.
  2. Rinse with Warm Saltwater Solution: Dissolve a spoonful of salt in half a glass of water and use it as mouthwash post extraction. Remember to be gentle. This simple remedy effectively alleviates gum swelling and soreness.
  3. Sleep with Your Head Up High: having your head elevated during sleep aids in minimizing swelling.
  4. Opt for Soft Foods: Modify your diet to incorporate liquid or soft foods, such as noodles, soups, mashed bananas and potatoes, eggs, etc., during the recovery period. This precautionary measure prevents the blood clot from dislodging before time.


You must make amends to not displace the blood clot prematurely to facilitate the healing process. Steer clear from brushing teeth near the extraction area, avoid rinsing your mouth initially, and refrain from hot drinks, smoking, or using a straw. Additionally, do not drink alcohol for at least 24 hours.

Closing Note

Adherence to recovery instructions given by the dentist significantly helps blood clotting and actively contributes to a comfortable healing journey post-wisdom teeth removal. If you have questions in mind, Get in touch with the experts at Infuse Dental of Schererville for answers. We are just a call away. Dial (219) 472-0042 to connect with us and learn more about what we have in store for you.

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