Fluoride Treatment in Crown Point, IN

If you get regular dental checkups, you may have heard your dentist recommending a fluoride varnish, toothpaste, or mouthwash. The importance of fluoride in the field of preventive dentistry is undeniable because it provides long-term resistance against cavities. That’s why our dentists offer fluoride treatment in Crown Point, IN, that strengthens tooth enamel and protects against caries-causing bacteria. Our lead dentist at Infuse Dental, Dr. Vijay Maheshwari, and his team put extra emphasis on preventive approaches to keep your smile healthy for many years. Get prophylactic dental care for you and your family by visiting our dental practice today.

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What Is A Fluoride Treatment?

Our teeth have an outer thick layer called enamel that protects them against damage. As plaque accumulates on the tooth surfaces, it provides a habitat for harmful oral bacteria that release acidic substances to demineralize the enamel. Over time, the enamel weakens and breaks, which results in the formation of dental cavities.

The purpose of fluoride treatment in Crown Point, IN, is to strengthen the tooth enamel. When fluoride ions are incorporated with the enamel, they make it more resistant to problematic oral bacteria. For this reason, our dentists recommend fluoride treatments for young children and adults to prevent tooth decay and maintain healthy, bright smiles.

Benefits of Fluoride Treatment in Crown Point, IN

Studies prove that fluoride application benefits your teeth in a number of ways, including:

  • Prevents dental caries: Fluoride fuses with the natural enamel, adding extra strength and resistance against caries-causing bacteria.
  • Remineralizes enamel: Fluoride treatment can also help revert the early signs of dental cavities by remineralizing the tooth enamel.
  • Reduces sensitivity: By adding strength to the outer protective layer, fluoride application also diminishes tooth sensitivity.
  • Protects smile’s Appearance: Dark or dull spots of cavities impact the look of your smile, which can be prevented with fluoride treatment.
  • Lessens future dental costs: Preventive care with fluoride application is cost-effective and lowers dental expenditure in the long run.

Is Fluoride Application Painful? Ask Our Dentist.

As a concerned parent, you may wonder whether the process of fluoride application may hurt your child. Fortunately, fluoride treatment in Crown Point, IN, is completely painless and has a comfortable procedure. Our friendly and compassionate dentists take a gentle approach with children, ensuring that they feel relaxed throughout the dental visit.

To make the experience more exciting for children, we offer fluoride solutions in different mediums and flavors. First, our team will clean your teeth and apply a thin coat of fluoride solution on their surface. After leaving it for the recommended time, we will rinse the solution with water. The entire process usually takes a single appointment, but we may schedule another visit for reapplication if necessary.

What About Fluoride Treatment in Crown Point, IN ?

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The primary goal of our dental experts is to maintain the beautiful smiles of all our patients. If you want to protect your child’s teeth from dental cavities, visit our dental practice for fluoride treatment in Crown Point, IN. You can call us at 219-472-0042 to book an appointment today.

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