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If you pay less attention to your oral health and not keep up with proper dental checkup or cleaning, your teeth can become stained, filled with cavities leading to an unappealing smile. You can count on dental care expert Dr. Vijay Maheshwari at Infuse Dental of Schererville to provide you with the best dental cleaning services in Crown Point, IN, with your regular checkup for a perfectly healthy smile!

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Is Dental Cleaning A Part Of Regular Checkups in Crown Point, IN?

Yes, our dental checkup in Crown Point, Indiana, does include thorough cleaning so that you leave our office with squeaky clean teeth. Dental cleanings at Infuse Dental are non-invasive and painless to get rid of stains and plaque deposits to prevent the risk of gum diseases. The best part is that you only need to take an hour from your routine once every 6 months! That’s a small price to pay considering its impact on your oral health.

Why Should You Get Dental Cleaning Done From Us?

Our dental cleaning process in Crown Point, IN, not only targets the removal of tartar from teeth but is also beneficial for eliminating stubborn stains on tooth enamel. No matter how you got them, due to smoking, pigmented food, or beverages like coffee, wine, etc., our professional dental cleaning team led by Dr. Vijay can restore your pearly white smile! Plaque building up in your mouth (on the teeth) is a common process that is combated easily with regular brushing and floss. However, if not done on time, the harmful bacteria can erode enamel to cause dental cavities. Eventually, you may lose a tooth too. So, contact our experts for dental cleaning service done with state-of-the-art teeth cleaning tools for the best results.

How Is Dental Cleaning Done At Infuse Dental?

We have in store a warm and welcoming environment for you to feel completely at ease. Here’s how we do our cleaning magic:

Thorough Oral Examination

Before we begin, a preliminary oral exam is a must to evaluate the current situation of your oral cavity. If we find any dental issues, they will be treated first.


We then move on to dental cleaning after your oral checkup in Crown Point, IN. Usually, there is no need for anesthesia; however, if you have dental anxiety, we also have sedation services to facilitate you. The process starts with an ultrasonic scaling device emitting low-frequency pulses to break down plaque and calcified tartar. Our dentist will move along your gum line, meticulously clearing out all areas. With UV pulses, the scaler also has a flow of thin stream water rinsing your mouth along the way; on the other hand, it has a simultaneous suction action that takes all the residual mix.


We finish off cleaning with a polishing paste on your teeth. It is done with the help of an electronic brush, gently rubbed to smoothen the tooth surfaces and give them a perfect glossy shine. After we are done cleaning your teeth, you will walk back home with a sparkly smile!
What About Dental Cleaning and Checkup in Crown Point, IN ?

When To Contact Us?

According to ADA, you should schedule dental checkups and cleaning twice every year to protect the health of your gums and teeth. So, what are you waiting for? If you have not gotten on the dental chair in months, schedule an appointment for a dental checkup and cleaning In Crown Point, IN, with us at 219-472-0042 today!

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