Bone Grafts in Crown Point, IN

Once you lose a natural tooth, the bone around the empty tooth socket begins to resorb. This is not a major issue unless you are considering permanent tooth replacement options like dental implants. Since dental implants require a solid base, we rebuild the lost bone structure using bone grafts in Crown Point, IN. It is an advanced procedure that fortifies the remaining bone and builds a stable foundation for the successful placement of dental implants. Our lead dentist, Dr. Vijay, is an expert in this technique and performs it with utmost precision to achieve the best results. Book a consultation at our practice today.

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What Are Bone Grafts?

Bone grafts are natural or synthetic materials that promote the production of healthy bone in the area of bone loss. Normally, our natural teeth are the stimulating factors for healthy bone production in the jaws. However, due to tooth loss or periodontal disease, the bone around the tooth socket deteriorates over time.

In order to prevent further resorption and improve the strength of the remaining bone structure, our Crown Point, IN dentists place bone grafts in the missing tooth region. This technique greatly improves the success of dental implants, providing long-term stability and retention.

Different Types of Bone Grafts We Use In Crown Point, IN?

There are different types of bone grafts, each having its own benefits and risks. During your initial consultation, our team will examine your jawbone and oral cavity to determine the best type. At our Crown Point, IN, practice, our dentists utilize four general types of bone grafts:

  • Autografts: This involves taking a bone graft from a part of your body, such as the chin, hip, or jaw.
  • Allografts: This type of graft uses bone from a different human source, such as a cadaver.
  • Xenografts: These bone grafts originate from a source other than humans, such as cows or pigs.
  • Alloplasts: This type of bone graft includes biocompatible, synthetic materials.

What To Expect From Our Bone Grafting Procedure?

The placement of bone grafts in Crown Point, IN, usually takes a single visit. First, we will numb your teeth and gums with a local anesthetic. Next, our dentist will create a small incision over the gum line and gently pull the gum tissue apart to expose the bone. After rinsing and disinfecting the region with a saline solution, we will place the desired graft material in the area of bone loss.

In most cases, we cover the bone graft with a protective membrane that acts as a barrier and guides the regeneration of bone cells. Once the surgery is complete, we will place sutures along the incision line to close the wound.

What About Bone Grafts in Crown Point, IN ?

What Is The Recovery Period of This Procedure?

Although you will be able to resume normal eating and drinking within one to two weeks, the complete healing process may take 3 to 6 months, or even longer. The duration of the recovery period depends on the type of the bone graft, the area of placement and your body’s healing abilities.

After the process of bone grafting in Crown Point, IN, our dentists will provide after care instructions to speed up the recovery process. Take extra care of your oral hygiene during this period to avoid bone graft failure.

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