Month: April 2024

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Can 70 Year Old Seniors Whiten Their Teeth?

Apr 30, 2024764 Views

Wondering if bright, white smiles are only for the youth? Well, no! It is not. Whether you are a 12-year-old child or 70-year-old senior, teeth whitening is a fantastic option for anyone looking for a confidence boost. Is Teething Safe For Seniors? Teeth whitening can be safe for senior citizens, including those in their 70s, […]

Does Coffee Leave A Stain On Your Teeth?

Apr 15, 2024473 Views

Ever wonder why your pearly white smile seems dull after your morning cup of coffee? Well, you are not alone! Coffee, although a fan-favorite, does stain teeth, making them look less appealing. Let’s discuss the top 10 ways you can keep your teeth free from yellow stains. 10 Tips to Keep Your Teeth Stain-Free There […]

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